Basement Bracing Your Answer to a Structurally Sound Home

Are your walls literally caving in? Do you see your basement foundation and walls cracking during the changes of the season? Protect your biggest investment – your house with us! Houses in Regina go through a lot. Weather, water, soil, tree roots and natural deterioration of building materials all affect a home’s structure. And for… Read more »

Enjoy Your Summer Now!

Whether you’re planning to redesign your backyard, replace grass, add hardscaping (including patios, pathways, entrance ways and stone slab steps) or anything to make your backyard more enjoyable, at Textured Terrain we can help with your next landscaping project.   We work with you on providing all the necessary services required to achieve a beautiful yard… Read more »

We can help design the backyard you’ve always wanted!

Got neighbor envy? It’s the season and backyards are back and better than ever! Dream of having a yard where your kids can play, friends can enjoy and you can relax? Call Textured Terrain today at 306-533-8251. We can help you design and build the backyard you’ve always wanted.

Is the World Crumbling Right at Your Feet?

As a homeowner, over time things start to break and crumble right under our feet. Take for example chipped and cracked stairs. They can become a hazard to your kids, mailperson and your granny These types of things should not be overlooked. Over time (especially in our extreme weather conditions) they can get worse. Call… Read more »

Take the Worry Out of the Summer with In-Ground Sprinklers

Are you tired of wrestling with your hose and sprinklers each summer? Are you fed up with buying new nozzles and hose attachments each season just to get your lawn watered? Are you getting poor results from manually watering your lawn? Is your water bill out of control during the summer? Then this blog is… Read more »

Basement Renovations from the Floor Up!

Basement renovations are a popular way to increase your home’s value. And every basement reno starts with the floor. If you have an older home, once you rip out the old carpet, lino and whatever is beneath, you may see that the concrete floor has damage due to moisture and cracking. And we’ve seen it… Read more »

How to Remove a Vehicle Oil Stain From a Driveway

Nothing is more frustrating than to see unsightly oil stains on your new concrete driveway. The quickest and easiest way to handle them is to use kitty litter. Yes! We said it…Kitty litter. Go out and get the cheap, off-brand stuff (not the most expensive brand either). And spread a generous amount of kitty litter… Read more »

Quick Tips on Maintaining Concrete

Here are 4 quick ways to maintain your fresh, new concrete garage and driveway: 1. Clean and Seal Concrete Generally, you should reseal a concrete driveway every two years or when the finish begins to show wear. That all depends on many factors such as weather and amount of traffic it receives. But keeping it… Read more »

Curb Appeal concrete co regina sk

Get Some Curb Appeal

Maintaining the outside of your home not only adds to its curb appeal but it saves you money down the road. Your home’s curb appeal also makes a great first impression to potential homebuyers. All you need is a little inspiration to help get started. Here are 7 simple, low-cost curb appeal improvements: 1. Find… Read more »