Basement renovations are a popular way to increase your home’s value. And every basement reno starts with the floor.

If you have an older home, once you rip out the old carpet, lino and whatever is beneath, you may see that the concrete floor has damage due to moisture and cracking. And we’ve seen it all. In this case, you may need a brand new basement floor and Textured Terrain can help. We are the experts in residential and commercial concrete applications. We’re also a certified installer of the best Insulated Concrete Forming Systems (ICF). This means your basement will be more energy efficient than conventional basements because they are structurally stronger, more sound resistant, offer increased fire protection and long term value. Call us today for a free estimate: 306-533-8251. You’ll be glad you did!

At Textured Terrain, we do concrete and we do it right!

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