Are you tired of wrestling with your hose and sprinklers each summer? Are you fed up with buying new nozzles and hose attachments each season just to get your lawn watered? Are you getting poor results from manually watering your lawn? Is your water bill out of control during the summer? Then this blog is for you!

Here are 7 reasons to consider a professional installed in-ground sprinkler system.

In-Ground Sprinkler Landscaping
  1. With and in-ground sprinkler system you can get an even distribution of water on your lawn and garden. No more water pooling in some areas of your lawn while leaving your grass dry in other places.
  2. A professionally installed system will help reduce over-watering helping keep your water bill in check.
  3. You can schedule when your lawn needs to be watered and for how long. An automated system lets you customize the settings based on your lawn watering cycles.
  4. It’s effortless! It allows you to automatically water your lawn the entire season.
  5. Our systems are easily installed and easy to program.
  6. They can cover any size lawn or garden.
  7. Some systems include self-draining systems to avoid freeze damage in colder months.

If you are interested in installing a professional in ground sprinkler system, call Textured Terrain today at 306-533-8251 so you can enjoy your lawn all summer long! We are your concrete and landscaping specialists!

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