So you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation. Instead of trying to fill the cracks in yourself, you need to fix the underlying problem.

The most common culprit is water. It can accumulate in the soil around the foundation, which expands the soil and puts pressure on walls and foundation footings, causing cracks to appear.

While getting caught in the rain isn’t fun for anyone, if you don’t have a proper foundation it can be a disaster for your home. If even a little bit of water enters throughout a damaged or cracked foundation, it can start a chain of events that leads to flooding, and mold and moisture damage, all of which leads to costly repairs.

The next step is to call in the experts. At Textured Terrain, we specialize in Foundation Repairs, specifically:

  • Damp proofing/waterproofing
  • Wall straightening/bracing
  • Cracked foundation repairs
  • Underpinning
  • Telepost adjustments
  • Sump pits
  • Knee walls/pony walls
  • Grade beams
  • Piles

At Textured Terrain, we can make sure that your home has a solid foundation and is waterproof. Call us today for a free estimate: at 306-533-8251. At Textured Terrain, we do concrete and we do it right!

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