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We specialize in quality concrete driveways, foundation, floors and sidewalk construction serving Regina and the surrounding area.

We service commercial projects as well as residential with a commitment to workmanship that is unparalleled. In 2013 we were awarded with a “Contractor of the Year Award” from one of Regina’s most reputable home builders, the award recognized our commitment to punctuality, workmanship, versatility and ability to meet deadlines.

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We will handle every aspect of your new builds, renovations or commercial project, doing the job right the first time and for reasonable rates. Call us today to schedule your consultation with one of our professionals!

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  • Garage Floors and Pads

    Textured Terrain, we take our concrete floors and pads very seriously. We use only the best products take the time to plan out the best support base for your property.

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  • Sidewalks and Walkways

    If your sidewalk is damaged and in need of help, we will remove the old sidewalk and replace it with brand-new cement one. Our services are guaranteed.

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  • Driveways

    At Textured Terrain, we can turn a boring driveway into some serious curb appeal. Give us a call for expert design ideas, as well as installation and maintenance tips for your next driveway project.

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  • Basements

    If your basement needs bracing, foundation repair or improvement we are your number one choice for a complete solution.

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  • Foundations

    Home construction starts with a concrete basement foundation. Rest assured your house is well supported.

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  • Piles and Grade Beams

    At Textured Terrain, we use Piles and Grade Beams to help stabilize your home’s foundation. Piles are used for stability as they are below the frost line and protect the structure above from frozen expanding and contracting earth.

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  • Waterproofing

    Help reduce the moisture in a basement. Eliminate musty odors, foundation deterioration and other allergies that affect people.

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  • Landscaping

    Your living space doesn't stop at your front door. It extends beyond your home and into the world that surrounds it.

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  • Other Services

    We also help make your house or commercial property safe and beautiful by offering other services such as landscaping, waterproofing, basement bracing, sump pitt installs and removals.

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