The most stressful part of any project seems to be finding the right contractor these days.   Over the past several years, there have been many “duds” so to say when it comes to contractors.    Due to this, half of the time when we meet up with customers on our first consultation is earning the trust of the client/customer.    This is not a problem when you are a reputable contractor that puts the customer first.   We know that any project especially a concrete project is expensive and is there to stay.  

Here at Textured Terrain Ltd, we have zero problems when it comes to communication and honesty.   If you are ever unsure on which contractor to choose, check their track record.   Ask for references.   When it comes to references, you can ask for past projects, testimonials, and even something as simple as a business license and liability insurance.   No matter how experienced you are accidents happen, and it is good to know that everyone is protected if such were to happen.   With all of the social media and internet platforms, it is fairly simple to do some research on your possible contractor.

When planning your project regardless of the type, trust your senses and do some research.   If you are looking for a trusting Concrete or Landscaping Contractor in the Regina area, then please contact us.   We have several years of experience, with many happy customers that will give a referral all day long.   We take pride in what we do.  We are up front, and an honest company built on reputation.