When it comes to Concrete, what If we said the cheaper fix actually costs you more, does that make sense?     When explained in detail it makes a lot of sense.   We receive a lot of feedback when it comes to the pricing of concrete, especially on new driveway installs.   Well, there are many factors that dictate the pricing for concrete services.  For example, the logistics, the material, and most importantly the workmanship.   When it comes to Concrete, workmanship is very important.  The reason being is you only get one chance at it, so make sure you have a very knowledgeable contractor.  Concrete waits for no one!

The life expectancy of concrete is many many years if maintained properly.   But when it does eventually deteriorate, and you decide its time to do something about it.  Think wisely about getting the cover up type fix.  Many homeowners are lured into these other materials that will cover ugly concrete, and as a bonus are quite cheaper.  Don’t be fooled, it will cost you more in the future.  Now you’re in a situation that your having to remove the cover up material as well as the concrete underneath, in turn costing a lot more.  

Many times, concrete needs to be replaced due to cracking.  In most cases, the cracking is due to the earth/ground shifting under it.  This is due to low or high moisture levels, unexpected heavy traffic etc.   While it sounds great covering those cracks or ugly concrete with a much more cost effective product like asphalt or rubber paving etc, remember that the underlying problem is still there.

Remember, your finished product is only as good as the preparation underneath it!   There is a reason why Concrete are 99% of residential driveways in Canada.  It is Tried, Tested, and True.    #yqr #reginaconcretecontractor

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