It’s been through a lot. It’s held your family car and boxes upon boxes of Christmas decorations and hockey equipment. It has endured moisture, oil spills, cracks, ice and now it’s starting to chip away into dust. Your garage floor needs some attention and Textured Terrain is here to help!

Once we’ve assessed the damage on your garage floor, we will determine if the pad needs to be removed and replaced or simply patched to its original form.

If we find you do require a new garage floor, we will schedule the removal of the base and follow these 8 easy steps to give you a brand new garage floor.

1. First we will fill in a layer of compact base rock.
2. Then we’ll cover it with a layer if plastic to form a vapour barrier.
3. We’ll pour sand to help pull moisture away from the concrete when it’s drying.
4. Once that is complete, we’ll build a form and add reinforcement bars (rebar). The rebar keeps the concrete from shifting and cracking.
5. Now the fun begins! We will then pour and level the concrete about 4 inches thick. If you have a garage that needs to handle more load then we will pour the cement so it’s 6 inches thick.
6. Before the concrete hardens, we’ll spray the floor down with water while cutting in thin grooves every 6.5 feet. These are called expansion joints and provide crack resistance.
7. Once the concrete hardens, we’ll apply a smooth finish and cover it to dry.
8. Then in about a day or so, you will have a brand new concrete garage floor!

For more information on repairing your garage floor or pad, give Textured Terrain a call 306-533-8251. We do concrete and we do it right!

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