It’s been unseasonably warm this year, wouldn’t you agree? Although this nice weather is a welcome change, it poses a danger to people walking on icy sidewalks and walkways. That’s why it is important as a homeowner to keep your sidewalk safe this winter season to avoid a fall, a city fine or worse yet, a lawsuit from injury.

Here are 3 ways to keep you safe and your property guarded against a lawsuit due to a fall:

1. Shovel Immediately

When it snows, it’s important to shovel the snow right away, even if it means shoveling twice. Keep your sidewalks and walkways clear so people can see where to step to avoid a nasty fall.

2. Salt or Sand Your Sidewalk

Salt will melt the snow but once the temperatures take another dip, the sidewalk will turn to ice so we do not recommend the use of too much salt. Plus, salt and deicers are mildly acidic and attack the bonds that hold concrete together. We suggest using sand as it’s not only safer but it protects your concrete from further damage.

3. Use The Right Tools

Use a firm broom to sweep away lightly fallen snow and sturdy metal icebreakers to reduce the amount of ice build up on your walkway. Your postman and neighbors will appreciate that.

Always consider the safety of others when maintaining your sidewalk and walkways. Ensure that the path is clear of any ice build up and if necessary add sand to create a better footing on the sidewalk to protecting yourself from costly fines and lawsuits, something we all want to avoid.

For more information on repairing sidewalks or for tips to keep it safe, give Textured Terrain a call 306-533-8251. We do concrete and we do it right!

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