When you think Textured Terrain you might not think of your backyard, but we’re just as passionate and skilled at landscaping as we are at foundations, driveways and floors. We provide a full spectrum of landscaping services to have your yard looking its best. One of our most popular services is sod replacement – nothing instantly boosts your curb appeal than a new, lush lawn. But once you’ve laid your sod there are certain things you must do to protect your investment. Here are some post-sod tips to keep your lawn lovely.

Water, water, water (and water again)

Keeping your new lawn well-watered is imperative in the first month so the sod takes root and flourishes. Water it immediately after installation to the point of being spongy and then regularly in the following weeks. The amount of times you should water your new sod is up for debate and will depend on factors like temperature, weather and amount of sun your grass gets. It’s a good rule of thumb to water it twice a day for week one, once a day for week two, every other day for weeks three and four, then resume a regular watering schedule. Watering a little less every week will help your sod develop deep, healthy roots. Just be sure not to overwater as it can result in shallow roots or stop air from reaching the roots.

Please stay off the grass

Try to keep your family and pets off the new sod for at least two weeks after installation and only go on it to do the care and maintenance needed. Give your new sod a chance to get used to its new home and develop a strong root bed without any interruptions.

Mow mowing, mow problems

Don’t over mow your new lawn. Wait at least a week after your sod has been laid before mowing for the first time and don’t cut your grass shorter than 3 inches. Keeping your grass a little longer gives your lawn a lush look, helps retain water and helps your grass choke out invasive weeds like dandelions, clover and crabgrass. Be sure to watch your mower wheels the first time you cut to make sure they don’t get caught in the seams between sod panels.

When to fertilize

You shouldn’t fertilize your new lawn for at least six weeks after installation. Wait until week six or seven to spread fertilizer, if needed. Then resume a regular lawn fertilizer schedule. You shouldn’t need to fertilize your lawn until fall, when you would usually fertilize.

The team at Textured Terrain can help you make the most of your yard. Contact us today.

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