Nothing is more frustrating than to see unsightly oil stains on your new concrete driveway.

The quickest and easiest way to handle them is to use kitty litter.
Yes! We said it…Kitty litter.

Go out and get the cheap, off-brand stuff (not the most expensive brand either). And spread a generous amount of kitty litter over the stain. The reason we suggest this method is because kitty litter is extremely absorbent and environmentally friendly.

Let the kitty litter work its magic and let it sit for a day. After a day, work it into the driveway crushing it up over the oil. When you’re done, sweep it all up and discard.

Then take concentrated liquid laundry detergent and a stiff brush and work it into the stain in a circular motion.

Then rinse off the detergent and repeat scrubbing it down with detergent again if it is necessary.

Be cautioned that if the oil stain sat on the concrete for too long, the stain may need up to a year to totally fade.

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