An underground sprinkler system is one of the easiest ways to keep your lawn looking its best. It saves you time by not having to drag a sprinkler and hose around the front and backyard, it saves resources by using less water and it saves you money on your water bill over watering by hand. It’s a great investment for your house that can boost your overall property value. Underground sprinkler systems are relatively low-maintenance, but there are a few things you should do regularly to protect your investment.

Practice regular onceovers

Inspect your sprinkler system regularly, both when it’s running and not. When you first turn on your system, inspect each sprinkler head to ensure it’s operating properly and each head rises smoothly from the ground. Walk around your yard as the sprinklers run, checking that each is spraying water uniformly and in the intended direction. When you turn the system off, check the sprinklers again to ensure each is retracting fully and properly. Raised sprinkler heads aren’t only a sign of your system not operating properly, they are also a tripping hazard. If you notice any issues, give them the attention they need. It could be as simple as removing debris from the surrounding area or a larger repair, but keeping on top of things will ensure that the fixes are small and inexpensive. And you might want to think about wearing your trunks when you make your rounds, because you’re probably going to get wet.

Look and listen to your lawn

Your lawn will also give you clues if your sprinkler isn’t working at its peak. Check your lawn regularly for any dry or brown spots, or noticeable pooling of water after you water the lawn. Those are both telltale signs that your sprinkler system needs adjustment or repair.

Have you been thinking of installing a sprinkler system for your yard? Or does your current system need repair? Contact us and let us work with you to enjoy your very own waterworks!

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