Cracks and Regina basements go together like peanut butter and jelly – you rarely see one without the other. Cracks are never a good sign, but they are pretty common and, depending on the type and severity of crack, can be nothing to worry about or a huge problem. Let’s look at a few different types of foundation cracks and what they can mean:


These are usually the least worrisome of cracks and quite common in basements, especially in Regina. They often happen within a few years after construction as the concrete foundation settles. The most common risk associated with vertical cracks is water seeping in during particularly periods of particularly heavy participation. These cracks can usually be fixed easily and permanently by injecting a flexible sealing material into the crack. Ensuring that rainfall is diverted from around your house will also prevent water from saturating the ground around your foundation and seeping through cracks.


Horizontal cracks are much more serious than the others because they usually mean your foundation is bowing, which can actually result in the collapse of your house! This can be caused by several factors including improper drainage and overly compressed backfill around your foundation. There are several solutions to remedy this, depending on the cause, but these cracks should be assessed by an experienced, licensed engineer and repaired by professionals.


Diagonal cracks are usually caused by a change in the ground around your foundation, resulting in a corner of the house settling lower than the others. The repair usually calls for an injectable, flexible sealant, like with vertical cracks, but usually requires more. Discovering the cause of the crack will also help determine the best way to repair it. These cracks often appear quite wide on one end, and more narrow on the other.


You often will see this kind of ascending crack on the exterior of concrete block foundations. The cause is often the same as diagonal cracks and are treated in a similar fashion.

Our team can assess the cracks in your basement and determine the best way to repair them. Contact us for an assessment today.

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